About Us

Changing the way vases look
and the way you look at vases

When choosing a vase, you should consider sizes and colours, but also as important is the potential of what can grow inside. You’d be surprised at how the proper pot can spark inspiration and give shape to your imagination.

And that’s where we want to be, at the starting point. When every plan seems possible and every vase can be trusted with a purpose, when you look at them not to fill a space, but to create new ones.

We’re lucky to be able to combine generations of know-how with cutting-edge innovation, and use that knowledge to create timeless, adaptable designs. Whether you are looking for a stylish addition, a functional solution or a sprouting garden, we’re pretty sure there’s an Artevasi pot that can fit your thoughts.


Since its foundation, Artevasi has been able to excel in the development of its products, specialising in plastic.

However, Artevasi has decided to widen its horizons and add other product ranges to the options already available, taking a step forward and now positioning itself in the development of new plant and pot solutions.

Artevasi not only increased its range of plastic with many new designs, but has also embraced ceramics. Now available in several ranges including Handmade to cover all segments. In addition, to increase the possibilities and enhance its products, Artevasi has developed a line of Metal Accessories for the most diverse applications, which match perfectly with the products already developed in the plastic ranges.


The incessant will to innovate and embrace new ideas following “ideas-to-grow” led Artevasi to range a new project. Ceramics is now an integral part of the portfolio of solutions that Artevasi has to offer, appearing with a wide range of products and preserving the quality and design that the brand values.

This collection was developed exclusively in Portugal through two distinct processes covering off several markets for its quality and price, with handmade production focusing on skilled work in premium quality products. Passing through a vast spectrum of colours, textures and various sizes of pots throughout allow for all types of plants. There is now a new world of possibilities, developed with a thinking of the pot as a reflexion of the personality of the one who takes care of his plant. Discover what best suits you, the solutions are endless.


This collection is to complement and add versatility to the big collection of plastics that Artevasi has available.

It is composed of universal support, fixings, hanging and decoration metalwork, with various finishes across the category.

In order to guarantee maximum safety, the Metalwork has been developed with a system that guarantees stability and robustness when the pot or flower pot is combined with it.

Thus, new doors open and the possibilities of marrying together the plastic and iron ranges are endless. Try it, enjoy it!