Worldwide Inspiration

We are a Portuguese family company that has inherited over a 100 year of know-how, passing from one generation to another.

In 2006, Rodolfo Resende (Artevasi CEO) began the business of plastic pots with an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to create market trends, in which the pot is the central element of decoration of inner and outer spaces, an object with an attractive design, contributing to a change in the consumption patterns of consumers.

Due to the dedication and perseverance of artevasi team, it was possible to create a distinctive collection, inspired by contemporary and bold lines. These values allowed the entrance in large chains and established partnerships with strong players, enabling a continuous increase in market share as well as the export process. Currently we have our own structures in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, UK and DACH.

We are spreading inspiration in over 40 Countries of 5 Continents.

MAPA Artevasi