Indoor desert

Summer all year round.

Create your own microclimate at home. Whichever the weather, fight the elements with warmer tones and inspirations. You can start slow or jump right on it with our more adventurous suggestions.


Play with colours, textures and spaces.

Love the house you call home.

Colour on your walls

It’s the simplest way to change a room overnight. Choose a wall and give it some colour. Go on, don’t be afraid.

Start slowly

If you don’t have enough experience with plants, start with a cactus. They’re low-maintenance and perfect to kick-start a green area at home.

Practical areas

Decorating makes more sense with a purpose. Why not turn one side of your living-room into an area for tea time?


Create groups of objects that have something in common. It can be textures, colours or purposes that complement each other.