Terms & Conditions

The Directive 95/46/EC of 24 October, implemented by Law 67/98 of 16 October, requires the data collection and processing may only be carried out for legitimate, specific and defined purposes, data accuracy and only allowing the holder identification at set times. The law also establishes the principle of prior approval and thus data processing must be performed with the consent of the holder, except in cases of performance of a contract, tax liability or protection of vital interests of the holder, who is incapable of giving consent.

The privacy policy includes the users’ personal data of the www.artevasi.pt website collected on a voluntary basis, when completing the registration form, as well as all data collected by the system, concerning browsing and interaction carried out by its users in order to:

Customize content and advertising;

Allow access to certain contents of the www.artevasi.pt website and to the websites of its partners;

Get data for statistical processing to meet the users demands and interests;

Promote information activities, marketing, own or partners events registration, among others.

Artevasi provides users of the www.artevasi.pt website full transparency and control over the collection and use of their personal data, adopting the levels of security and data protection legally required. The information gathered by Artevasi respects all ethical and legal provisions in force. The users guarantee the personal data submitted by the www.artevasi.pt website are true and shall inform of any changes. Users are be given the right to access and update through the Internet their personal data, correct and add it at any time in accordance with the law in force.

Artevasi is responsible for processing the database, with its head office at Zona Industrial Lomba Street, in Argoncilhe, VAT number 507 747 879 and it is the owner of the information collected in the www.artevasi.pt website. This information will not be sold, assigned or shared with third parties, except in the situations indicated below.

Users expressly consent and authorize Artevasi to:

Refer in the personal data file, whose owner and responsible is Artevasi, the personal data processed in the context of the registration on the www.artevasi.pt website as well as any other data that in the future may collect, either for automated processing or not, with the purpose of using them for any activities that directly or indirectly result from the relationship established between the user and Artevasi, in particular result to maintain the relationship defined in the “Terms of Use” to manage, administrate, provide, expand and improve the various services and contents available or that can be made available in the context of www.artevasi.pt website, to adapt the contents to the users’ preferences and needs, to design new services related to the contents and to send updates;

To assign or communicate the above data to third parties with whom Artevasi has concluded or will conclude partnership agreements, which will be adequately disclosed on www.artevasi.pt

Users are also informed that their data will be confidentially processed and in accordance with legislation on data protection prevailing at any time.

The personal data stored in our computer systems meets all standards and prevailing legislation in Portugal.

Cookies may be used by Artevasi when the user accesses the pages of the www.artevasi.pt website. Cookies are data information sent from the Web server to the browser, which are stored on the user’s computer. The use of cookies is required to provide customization services. Cookies do not provide information regarding the user’s name and surname but they make it possible to set use patterns in order to respond the users’ interests.

Artevasi reserves the right to modify this policy in order to adapt it to the prevailing legislation at any time.

Last updated: July 27th, 2016

General Sales Conditions


1. The General Sales Conditions are drafted in full conformity with the law in the Customer’s country and detail all the obligations and rights of Artevasi company and its customers, in the context of the selling of the products, included in the on-going catalogue, specifically flower pots and accessories.

2. No modification of the General Sales Conditions can be valid without the express approval in writing by Artevasi company. Any modification of the General Sales Conditions is explicitly applicable to all following placing of orders.


3. All orders imply automatically the agreement and the acceptance by the Customer of the General Sales Conditions, unless there is a prevailing specific written agreement between Artevasi company and the Customer.

4. Any quantity change in the order will only be achievable according to Artevasi company’s agreement, which can cause an alteration of the original delivery times.

5. In case the Customer wishes to cancel an order, during its execution period, Artevasi company reserves the right to ask for a compensation payment to the Customer, to minimize the costs associated with the order, subject to a minimum of 5% of the total agreed order.

6. Any order containing products with customer specifications (out of catalogue) must be subject to specific Sales Conditions, including prices and delivery times, which must be accepted in writing by the Customer.

7. In response to changes in manufacturing costs, taxes and fees and other factors which are not controlled by Artevasi company, it reserves the right not to carry out the order, unless the Customer explicitly accepts in writing these changes.


8. The products sale prices are those in force on the day of the receiving of the order form.

9. Artevasi company reserves the right to modify the prices anytime. However, it commits itself to bill the ordered products at the prices indicated at the moment of the Customer order.


10. When the first order is placed, it will not be accepted, unless Artevasi company owns all Customer-relevant data (Customer sheet), the confirmation of payment conditions and validation of eventual demanded credit facilities.

  1. Artevasi company is committed to prepare the orders within 20 working days. However, the indicated delivery time is indicative only and not imperative, unless otherwise agreed to. Therefore, any reasonable products delivery delay cannot result in: i. Any compensation for possible losses;
  2. Any cancellation of order.


12. In case of missing or damaged products during transportation, the Customer will have to draft a written claim and send it to ecommerce@artevasi.com, within 10 working days after reception of the order.

13. In case of damaged products, the claim must compulsorily be accompanied by photos, which clearly and objectively highlight the ravages and the amount of damaged goods.

Payment modalities

14. Tax documents (invoices, credit notes, etc.) will be sent preferably by e-mail to the address indicated by the customer. The settlement of the orders is realized by bank transfer.

15. For all the orders from the Customer, the payment must be prompt payment.

Ownership reservation

16. Artevasi company preserves the property of the sold goods until the moment of full payment. In case of any judicial proceedings intended against the Customer, Artevasi company reserves the right to claim as part of the procedure the products not yet paid.

Artevasi Image Use Policy

17. Artevasi is available to support its clients promoting Artevasi brand in their communication and points of sale, as well as any marketing tool that might be relevant for the client´s sales and image towards its customers. To ensure the above, the access and employment of the brand and image of Artevasi must follow the bellow rules and procedures that Artevasi company presents: a. Artevasi provides a database of images when an order is done. All the provided images can be used by the clients. when using these images, where Artevasi brand is present, they cannot be edited, treated, modified, changed. However they can be cropped/ reshaped, compiled or complemented with any type of text or image since as long as it doesn´t change the Artevasi communication guidelines.

b. All content (text, image and video) published in Artevasi social networks can be shared and used by our clients. It cannot be edited and/or modified.

c. Image and text contents copyright at artevasi.com website is Artevasi property or comes from use license. The access to the same does not mean, under any circumstances, the permission to reproduce and/or distribute without previous written authorization from Artevasi. The use, reproduction, copy, or divulgation, partial or total, of such contents are expressly prohibited, regardless the purpose and the channels used, without previous written authorization from Artevasi (directed to the marketing team – marketing@artevasi.pt).

d. Before taking any decision or choose to proceed with any action that involves Artevasi brand, users must contact Artevasi marketing team that will study every single situation, to approve or make the necessary adjustments according to the requirements of Artevasi brand.

e. Before using, reproduce or publish any authorized content for commercial or advertising purpose (in printed or digital communications, events or promotions) that can by any means communicate Artevasi message, must be always validated by the Artevasi marketing team.

Force majeure

18. The responsibility of Artevasi company cannot be invoked, if the failure or the delay in the execution of any of its obligations described in the current General Sales Conditions is due to force majeure. In this connection force majeure is understood as what is defined in the law.

Competent court

19. Any dispute concerning the interpretation and application of the current General Sales Conditions must be submitted to the applicable laws of the Customer’s country.

20. Notwithstanding the preference for the amicable settlement of any possible dispute, the dispute will have to be submitted to the Court, still to be designated, based in the capital of the Customer’s country.