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Porto High Pot

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  • round shaped pot
  • conic straight design
  • slim, tall and modern
  • draining hole plug included
  • perfect to use in or outdoor
  • special insert to hold light weight available only for size 80cm (sold separately)

Capri Balcony Plant Box

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  • oval shaped plant box
  • easy fixation
  • 2 adjustable fixators included
  • designed to be used exclusively on the balcony
  • perfect for stylish balconies

Venezia L Rectangular Saucer

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  • rectangular-shaped saucer
  • designed to support water drain
  • different colours and sizes
  • complements Venezia L plant box

Christmas Tree Stand

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  • Christmas tree decorative stand
  • adjustable
  • special anti-rust treatment
  • highly resistant
  • available in 3 sizes

Macrame Double Square Knot

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recommended pot size: Ø 11cm
  • stylish and unique
  • crafty trend setter
  • easy to apply
  • perfect Gift
  • hanging hooks included
  • pot and plant not included

Santorini Pot Self Watering System

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  • round pot
  • slim and elegant design
  • to be used in or outdoor
  • with big dimensions for bigger plants
  • with special insert to hold light weight
  • with self watering system
  • water reserve tray included
  • water level indicator included

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