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Saucer W/ Wheels

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  • round saucer
  • equipped with wheels
  • designed to allow an easy plant movement
  • complements any round pot

Algarve Hanging Basket

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  • traditional design
  • designed for hanging plants
  • easy to assemble
  • allows vertical decoration on the garden
  • incorporated saucer with clipping system
  • hanging hook included

Iris Pot

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Handmade production process with extra care and attention to detail in order to ensure a premium quality.
  • indoor use
  • handmade
  • glossy finish
  • not 100% waterproof

Cat Wall Bracket

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  • wall metal support
  • special anti-rust treatment
  • highly resistant
  • holds up to 10kg

San Remo Matte Pot Self Watering System

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  • Round shaped pot
  • Modern and elegant design
  • New matte finish
  • One of the most versatile models
  • Available with wheels for easy moving
  • Self watering system included

Capri XL Rectangular Saucer

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  • rectangular saucer
  • big dimensions
  • designed to support water drain
  • Complements Capri XL plant box

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