Yellow Pots Artevasi

Rooting for new
colour trends

We use forecasting tools that inspire us to bet on the continuous improvement of our products, in terms of shapes, sizes and colours. In 2024, we chose colours as a statement in line with the latest market trends. Our Design and Development team worked unceasingly to add to our collection the most trendy colours that best fit our pots.

So, this year, we have prepared some new and exciting products to give new life to your business, a total of approximately 250 new products.

Nude Pink

Coral Pink

Dry Pink

Light Pink

Deep Rose

Nude Pink Pot

Nude pink is associated with warmth and gives every decorative environment a relaxing and comforting effect. It is synonymous with security and focus on family, indicating that the person who chooses it is genuine, collaborative, caring, calm and sensitive.

Coral pink Pot

Coral pink invokes freshness, energy and acceptance, located between pink and orange in chromatic terms. It is an inviting, interactive and distinctive colour that positively influences those who come into contact with it.

Dry pink Pot

Dry pink evokes romance and tranquillity, making it a soft colour ideal for combination with ethereal designs.

Light pink Pot

Light pink carries a truly enchanting history, symbolism and psychology that make it a popular choice in fashion as well as product and interior design.

Deep rose Pot

Finally, deep rose represents grace and elegance and can also be used as a synonym for admiration, appreciation or gratitude.

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